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  • All staff contributes to the daily records of the parents, which provide the basis for analysis, decision-making and plans about the child and family.
  • Summaries of the daily recordings are incorporated into review and court reports prepared by social workers.
  • Staff are trained in observation and listening techniques.
  • From these observations the quality of relationships between parent and child attachment to each other can be assessed.
  • The child’s appearance and manner are noted, as are the parent’s ability to anticipate and respond to the child’s needs.
  • Evidence of care and affection by the parents, the tone of voice when speaking to or about the child and the way in which the child responses are noted.
  • Observation of adult-child and sibling body language, interactions and behaviours, particularly at mealtimes and bedtimes, often provides crucial information which will be noted.
  • Regular fortnightly assessment meetings are held when staff gather together to discuss the assessment process and observations being made.
  • Observational records of the parent’s ability to provide reasonable care of the child underpins assessment team meetings, to which all staff are invited and are held on a monthly basis.
  • Counsellor will be available on site to give support and advice to parents.
  • On drug/alcohol our drug/alcohol workers work with local drug alcohol services.
  • All medications including those, which can be obtained without prescription, will be stored, handled safely and documented/logged (prescribed) .i.e. used/unused and returned showing date, time, by whom issued and any comments.The centre will ensure that:
  • All medication is stored safely in a lockable medicine cabinet and accessed by responsible persons only.
  • The correct procedures in respect of administering medication are well known and followed by trained staff and parents at all times. Staff will ensure that medication is only given to the parent or child it was prescribed for. Parents will however, be encouraged to confirm to staff that they have taken their medication and a record entered.
  • All medications received and administered are fully recorded and records are kept on the family file. Medication that has expired or no longer required will be recorded and returned to the pharmacy.