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Residential Family Centre
“Chariteens will work together with parents and other professionals
to support parents to access health care services, education, training,
employment and welfare benefits”
― Our Work Philosophy
Residential Parenting
Assessment Placements

We accept referrals from the following:

The procedure

Vacancies can be communicated via the phone or email to the centre. If after the initial conversations the clients meet our admission criteria a referral form will need to be completed. The placing authority should return the completed Referral form together with any other appropriate documentation to the Manager.

Supporting documentation should include: Referring Social Worker’s assessment report (stating clearly the objectives of the referral or a copy of the Care Plan) Medical History, Social History, Psychological /Psychiatric reports, Court Proceedings, also previous convictions list, and any other reports, which may be suitable/required. The parent/s may be required to visit the centre before a final decision of admission can be made. These visits should include the parent/s social worker and significant others.


During Admissions

A placement planning meeting is held prior to the placement or on the day of the placement. This is to agree an individual programme for the family (family placement plan) based on the placing authority’s assessment of the needs and should identify the purpose and scope of the residential assessment of parenting skill and capacity and any support the centre will provide.

The centre will arrange with the placing authority a review of the placement within 72 hours. This is to assess if the placement is suitable for the family and if not to move the family to a more suitable placement. The views and wishes of the family regarding the placement are also taken into consideration.

During the parents’ stay, staffs promote contact with their families, siblings, significant others.

Staff are also expected to provide appropriate support to families to acquire skills that will help them care safely for their children and promote their welfare after leaving the centre (post residential), e.g. parenting skills, emotional resilience and self-esteem.

The centre will implement a ‘leaving the family centre plan’ (for planned and emergency departures) that clearly states the strengths and achievements; any follow up and re-settlement support that the family might need. The plan’s main focus will be on ensuring the safety of the child.